Option 1: Personal health coaching

Specially trained health coaches work with you on the non-clinical aspects of your health that may be stopping you from living your life in the way you would like.

You will typically have five or six sessions with a health coach and be given a range of options that will enable you to structure the coaching in the way that works best for you. You can then remain part of the service, where you can continue to access information, self-management tools and support.

To the team at My Health My Way

Hello, I am interested in the personal health coaching service offered by NHS. I give my consent for a member of the team at My Health My Way to contact me by email and/or telephone to discuss my first appointment.

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Speak to us about what might work for you on 0303 303 0153 or sign up for any of the options below.

This is a FREE service provided by the NHS in Dorset to help you get to grips with your health and wellbeing.

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