I wanted to overcome my fear of leaving the house

Alicia lives with ME and joined the group coaching sessions to overcome some of her social challenges

I used to be really sociable and talk to lots of people but it has got so dificult now.  I have stopped arranging social activities because I might have to cancel. My confidence has been very low and I'm often not sure how I feel about anything. I felt quite confident about my strategies for managing my ME but felt quite alone with it and wanted to go to some group coaching sessions to find out how other people were managing and take the opportunity to be sociable. Because I felt really unsure about meeting new people and managing fatigue, my mother came with me for the first session but after that I started going on my own. What I found really helpful was setting monthly goals with the support of the group; but also finding that I could support others in the group to achieve their goals too. Thanks to this, I’ve had the best summer since my diagnosis.

Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Photograph is a stock image.

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